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What our customers have to say!:

Cheryl D. of Pompano Beach FL: “Not only does Mike Crimmins of Expert Services show up on time, his work in impeccable. Oh and did I mention that Mike is not only professional and knowledgeable, but also one of  the nicest guys you could ever meet! Thanks Mike.”

Mary Ellen T. of Wilton Manors: “We were not sure what we could realistically expect, after all our terrazzo floors were over 60 years old. Mike restored our floors to their original luster, they are so shiny and smooth they look wet! We were really pleased with Mike. He is trustworthy and really takes pride in his work and it shows!"


Floor and Paver Restoration Services Including . . .

Paver Cleaning and Sealing
So, Why Seal Your Pavers?
· Protects from staining
· Provides color enhancement
· Makes cleaning much easier
· Helps protect your investment from the elements
As you may have discovered, the trade services in South Florida are like the Wild West. No telling what you are going to get. I will make you this promise: We will only use the very best products and techniques that are tailored specifically to your situation (concrete pavers need to be treated differently than Chicago Brick pavers which need to be treated differently than travertine or marble pavers). We are not the cheapest or the most expensive, but our pricing is fair and we believe we will provide you the best value for your money.

Terrazzo, Marble, Travertine
PROBLEM #1: Over time marble and terrazzo floors become dull, scratched and often etched by acid-containing substances (i.e. foods, wine, cleaning products, vinegar etc.) Terrazzo, may have been covered for years by carpet or something else.
PROBLEM #2: Terrazzo may have chips and gouges in it from carpeting being removed incorrectly. Travertine may have “fills” that have popped out over time creating unsightly holes.
THE SOLUTION: The answer to bringing back the beauty to (Terrazzo, Marble, Travertine continued . . .)
these floors is to have them professionally restored.
Professional restoration done the right way (not taking commonly used shortcuts) will bring the shine and beauty back to your floors. You will get a shine that lasts.
I use the tried and true diamond honing process employing premium products and equipment. I use a “wet” method that does not generate any dust! I was trained by Stu Rosen, considered by many to be one of the top restorers in the country. (By the way, Stu was taught by Maurizio Bertoli, the “father” of modern stone floor restoration.)
If your floor needs repair, especially your terrazzo, I’d be happy to do that for you as part of my service.
Tile & Grout Floors
PROBLEM #1: Typically, it’s the grout that makes your floor look dirty, not the tile itself (although, yes, the tile does get dirty). Grout is porous - it absorbs things. As you mop your floor, dirty mop water soaks into the grout (it doesn’t soak into the tile). When the water evaporates, the dirt remains in the grout pores, making your whole floor look dirty.
PROBLEM #2: The grout can make your floor look old and outdated (again, it’s usually not the tile). In the past (the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s) often the style was to have the grout color contrast with the tile color (if you had light tile, you would have dark grout and vice versa). These days the style is to have the color of your tile and grout more or less match - if it doesn’t your floor looks outdated.
SOLUTION #1: What if I told you I can make your grout look so clean people will think it’s brand new? What if I also told you it would be essentially maintenance free?
SOLUTION #2: What if I told you I could change the color of your grout to make it look totally updated? What if I told you I could do this without the expense and mess of tearing out your floor or tearing out your grout?
I provide a solution called Grout Color Sealing. After thoroughly steam cleaning your floors, a special protective coating will be applied to your grout lines. My tough-as-nails color sealer bonds to your grout to permanently change its color and provide an impenetrable barrier. Dirt, grime, juice, oil, wine and other spills are left on the surface making cleaning and maintaining your tile and grout quick and easy - no more scrubbing on your hands and knees! Old discolored grout lines are permanently covered with the color of your choice to make your grout look brighter and cleaner than the day it was installed, with an updated look. The process is clean and dust-free.  
Carpet and Area Rugs
Carpet cleaning done right takes 1) time 2) heat 3) high quality cleaning agents 4) knowledge - no way around it.  A proper carpet or rug cleaning will require between 5 and 9 steps (not the typical 1 or 2 steps).
I admit, I’m not nearly the fastest, but you will get the most thorough carpet or rug cleaning you’ve ever had. You’ll receive true hot-water steam-cleaning with methods and products tailored to your type of carpet or rug (one size doesn’t fit all - treat a wool or silk rug the same way you treat an olefin carpet and you’ll likely have a most unpleasant surprise.)
If your delicate rug needs special care, instead of cleaning it on-site, I’ll take it into our special rug plant for extra TLC.
Upholstery Cleaning
CONSIDER:  Upholstery cleaning presents a lot of risk, requires detailed knowledge and requires specialized tools. Treat a cotton or other natural fiber piece with the wrong cleaning agent and it will turn yellow. Fail to treat a delicate piece of upholstery with die-loc and the colors will run. Get the piece too wet and the upholstery can shrink.
Your upholstery will be safe with me. 1) I have the knowledge to tailor the cleaning method to your specific type of upholstery. I have been trained and certified by the IICRC (our industry’s regulating body). 2) I use special equipment that insures your upholstery will not be over-wetted (my upholstery tool costs 5 times more than the industry standard tool). 3) I use cleaning agents specially designed for upholstery (i.e. I won’t use carpet cleaning chemicals on your delicate upholstery!).


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